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Adventure Van
Head out for an amazing camping adventure with picnics, surfing and even hang-gliding with this brilliant, easy-to-carry camper van complete with dolls and accessories!

From 3 Years
All-in-1 Easel
Whether it’s a scenic view or a dashing portrait, this all-in-one easel is ideal for your budding artist. This sleekly designed easel keeps any creative mess in one place, as it includes paint pot holders, a storage shelf and a replaceable roll of paper. Its adjustable height means it can keep us as your child grows. And its durable, high-quality frame will last for years to come.

From 3 Years
Baby Drum
Specifically designed to encourage movement, this wooden drum is a great way for children aged six months and up to improve hand-eye coordination and discover the world of sound. Playing this drum is the perfect way to learn about rhythm, experiment with different sounds, and to understand cause and effect.

From 6 months
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Countryside Train Bucket Set
There is so much work to do on the farm - it helps to have a train! This great set includes loads of fun accessories like cows, sheep and apples to keep you busy! This wonderful set comes in a storage box which actually can work into the playscape of the Train Set.

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From 3 Years
DJ Mix & Spin Studio
The versatile DJ Mix & Spin Studio develops musical learning at different ages. Toddlers can discover the joy of music at the touch of a button, but as they grow they can start learning to play the keyboard and discover how to mix tracks. The keyboard has four instrument sounds (piano, bass, organ and drum), and it comes with a music booklet with eight different songs, as well as musical alphabet stickers to put on the piano keys to help children learn the songs. The DJ Mix & Spin Studio will last for years and accompany your child’s growth and musical journey.

From 12 months
Emergency Services HQ
Keep the roads and railways safe with this emergency services set. Features police and fire brigade headquarters and vehicles.

From 3 Years
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Fix-It Tool Box
Nuts, bolts, and all the tools little builders need to tinker, are conveniently packed in this ready-for-action case.

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From 3 Years
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Gearhead Stunt Garage
Attention all racers! This awesome 3-level garage is the perfect place to store your supercars and practice your stunts. With a car lift to get your cars to different levels, this garage also features a service centre with power charging points and a car wash.

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From 3 Years
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Mega Metropolis Train Bucket Set
This train set with its multiple accessories offers exciting ways for kids to develop their imaginations through pretend play. Build the track as shown on the box or create your own metropolis. And when you’re done, use the buckets to store all the pieces together in one place.

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From 3 Years
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Metro Police Dept Playset
Hands up if you want to have hours of cops and robbers fun! This detailed set comes with plenty of accessories, including a helicopter, a police car, a police officer, a prisoner and even a police dog. It’s perfect for encouraging kids to invent their own pretend-play cops and robbers stories and teaching them about right and wrong.

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From 3 Years
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Musical Whale Fountain
Make bath time magical with this wonderful musical whale fountain. Choose between watching the fountains dance to music or play each whale like the keys of a piano. Sticks to the bottom of the bath with the attached suction cup.

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From 18 months
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Nature Fun Set
It’s time to answer the call of the wild! Get kids excited about the outdoors with these amazing nature toys. And you’ll get to teach them about how each of them work in the most fun setting possible – nature. The set includes a children’s telescope, magnifying glass, whistle, periscope, compass and carabiner clip. It’s ideal for family trips to the woods, going camping and so much more.

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Pandas’ Bamboo House
The sustainable panda family knows everything about green energy and can’t wait to tell you all about it. Their house has solar panels and an elevator basket that works with string so you can lift the little pandas up and down. This set is a great way to teach children about environmental responsibility through role play.

From 3 Years
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Railway Bucket Builder Set
Now arriving at Platform Fun: the Railway Bucket Builder Set. This is one train you don’t want to miss. There’s so much to do and see with this detailed 50-piece toy train set. Be a train driver, a rail engineer or operate the crane. It has all the props kids need for stimulating communication and inspiring hours of imaginative role-play.

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From 3 Years
Railway Table
Create a huge, multi-layer transport system with this wonderful 70-piece train table set. Includes a battery-powered locomotive and loads of tracks and accessories

From 3 Years
Tigers’ Jungle House
A great way to teach little eco warriors about environmental responsibility while developing their creativity and imagination. Hanging out with the tiger family in their house is also great for developing social skills and language ability. With the 18 garbage cards, children can learn about the importance of sorting rubbish and recycling.

From 3 Years
Anywhere Art Studio
To inspire creativity, all you need is the versatile Anywhere Art Studio. Its space-saving design means your growing artists will love swapping between the chalkboard and whiteboard to develop their creativity and fine motor skills. Best of all, you can move the easel from room to room, or even pack it up for trips away, making it a truly portable art studio.

From 3 Years
Battery Powered Engine
With its eye-catching red colour and shining headlight this battery powered train is a bright addition to any railway set. Let it loose on the track and watch it ride around while you pretend to be a real train conductor. Or put it to work pulling other carriages around the track with its magnetic connectors.

From 3 Years
Bunny Stacker
This cute stacking long-eared rabbit certainly brings a smile to everyone’s face. The toy consists of five parts - a wooden base made of beech, three stacking rings made of different materials and a topper that’s a fluffy long-eared bunny head. One of the stacking rings has a cute pom-pom tail that can be pulled back and it also makes clicking noises on release.

From 10 months
City Train Bucket Set
Hop onboard for a fun train ride adventure around the city. This travel-friendly bucket set is loaded with accessories like trees, signs and cars. And it comes in a handy storage box which also forms part of the scenery.

From 3 Years
Country Critters Play Cube
From mazes, shapes and levers to all sorts of colourful creatures this five-sided activity centre truly is a hub of activity. This play cube is certainly a valuable play toy for children as it promotes a large variety of skills including counting, maths, recognition of colour, pattern and shape and of course, fine motor and problem-solving skills. It is also made of high-quality, Hape wood with water-based paint to stand up to years of fun.

From 12 months
Doctor on Call
Is there a doctor in the house? There is now. Check your patients' blood pressure, listen to their heartbeat with the stethoscope and apply some healing cream. There are so many stories your child can come up with as they diagnose and heal their ‘patients’.

From 3 Years
Inter-City Battery Powered Engine
The 9-5 life of commuting has never been more fun. Help the commuter get to work on time. Or add more carriages to the engine for longer journeys. Children will love role playing and inventing stories with this city slicker train set.

From 3 Years
Mighty Mountain Mine
All aboard! With a realistic boom crane, liquid-filled dynamic waterfall tunnel and a conveyor belt, this epic train set is one train you don’t want to miss. There’s so much to keep children busy as they use the tracks and train to act out various role play scenarios. Perfect for building creativity and imagination.

From 3 Years