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Creative Construction Kit
Build a star, a ball or a wheel with this great Flexistix starter kit. Contains bamboo and flexible connectors for three different projects – or design your own fantastic creations!

From 4 Years
Wonderful Beech Blocks - 101 Pieces
With its bright colours and simple shapes, this set of wooden blocks is perfect for all sorts of building fun. Little ones can create fairy-tale towers, bridges with roads and so much more.

From 12 months
Can you remove a stick without dropping a ball? Easy does it!

From 3 Years
Dynamo Dominoes
Build a colorful trail of 100 wooden dominoes, Add a bridge, bell, rails, and assorted tricks, Tap one rectangle and watch them all come tumbling down,

From 3 Years
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Mighty Hammer Domino
There’s movement and surprises at every stage of this fun, robot-themed domino set. Set the dominoes in motion and watch as they release a ball and unleash the mighty robot hammer.

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From 4 Years
Bamboo Rapido
Test your speed and memory with Bamboo Rapido! Memorise colour sequences, grab the beads fast, and enjoy thrilling, strategic fun with friends.

From 5 Years