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Country Critters Play Cube

From 12 months


  • 5 sides full of activities to promote skill development
  • Side 1: Bead Adventure Land
  • Side 2: Shape Sorter
  • Side 3: Stand in a Queue
  • Side 4: Turnplate
  • Side 5: Tap to the Bottom

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Product number: E1810


Country Critters Play Cube

Article nr.: E1810
Mazes, shapes, levers, and lots of flying, swimming, and croaking creatures turn this colorful, five-sided activity center into a hub of activity. Made of sturdy wood with water-based paint, it’ll stand up to years of fun.


  • HUB OF ACTIVITY: This sort-and-discover activity play cube has five sides. Watch your child enjoy the beaded adventure land, a shape sorter, a stand in a queue, a turnplate and tap to the bottom activity.
  • INSPIRED BY THE COUNTRYSIDE: This activity cube is an animal-inspired play cube that includes ten pieces featuring wooden balls, shapes, a wooden pounder and more.
  • ENCOURAGE MOTOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT: This learning puzzle toy for toddlers assists in motor skills, logic skills and perseverance.
  • DURABILITY: Made of sturdy wood, child-safe materials and water-based paint.
  • AWARD-WINNING: This development toy is an award-winning shape sorter, recommended for ages 12 months and older.

Play tips

Name the colors on the cube. Count each of the creatures. Sort the pieces by shape, color, or size. Use descriptive words such as “over, under, around, through, in, out” to talk about the play actions.

Warning notice

WARNING: This toy requires adult assembly. Unassembled, it contains potentially hazardous points and small parts. Please keep it out of baby's reach.

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