Role play

Unlimited possibilities for unlimited imaginative play

Designed to inspire, our role-play collection lets children experience the joy of emulating their favourite roles - from chefs and doctors to musicians and gardeners.

It's a small (small) world

Role-playing is a fantastic way for children to learn about the world around them. By taking on different roles, children can develop social and emotional skills whilst improving their communication.

Imaginations at the ready​

Our role-play toys turn playtime into an educational and exciting journey. Children gain valuable skills and experiences when enacting real-life roles, they shape an understanding of themselves and the world. ​

Full of lights and sounds​

Our interactive and immersive toys sizzle and ding to engage multiple senses and provide rich stimulation. Contributing to positive play experiences and encouraging curiosity for a lifelong love for learning! 
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Park & Go Garage
Fill up with multi-level fun. The Park & Go Garage makes an ideal special occasion gift for kids and will encourage hours of role-playing, on their own or with friends. The car toy set is bursting with play options: drive and park the toy cars around the different parking levels, recharge them after their long journeys, whizz them up and down the lift, or even fly off with the toy helicopter.

From 3 Years
Railway Table
Create a huge, multi-layer transport system with this wonderful 70-piece train table set. Includes a battery-powered locomotive and loads of tracks and accessories

From 3 Years
All Season House (Furnished)
Unleash their imagination with Hape’s All Season House. With three levels and six rooms, it will spark your child’s creativity as they design the rooms with the included furniture and accessories. The sturdy wooden construction of this house means it will last as your child grows. The storytelling possibilities are endless as little homemakers can add figurines and accessories to customise their home just how they like it.

From 3 Years
Crane Lift
Future builder puts their imagination into play when erecting a construction site with this crane set.

From 3 Years
Doctor on Call
Is there a doctor in the house? There is now. Check your patients' blood pressure, listen to their heartbeat with the stethoscope and apply some healing cream. There are so many stories your child can come up with as they diagnose and heal their ‘patients’.

From 3 Years
Doll Family Mansion
Make this their forever dolls house. The three-storey Doll Family Mansion toy set is all ready for your kids to move right in and start pretend-playing. There’s a master bedroom, a children’s bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, a dining room, two external balconies, a garden, and seven room sets to use as backdrops to imaginary family life.

From 3 Years
Dumper Truck
A must for any construction to begin is with this Dumper truck to transport materials,

From 3 Years
Fire Station
Fire up their imaginations with this detailed and action-packed fire station playset. Includes a fire engine, helicopter, firefighter, fire extinguisher, axe and much more. Watch kids’ eyes light up when the pretend-play drama begins and the fire engine roars off to the rescue.

From 3 Years
Fire Truck
Make way, make way! Here comes the fire engine on its way to a blaze! Put up the ladder so the fire fighter and his dog can fight the flames and save the day.

From 3 Years
Master Workbench
Little builders with big ideas can work right at this professional-looking station. Shelves and storage keep all their tools and supplies within easy reach.

From 3 Years
Inter-City Battery Powered Engine
The 9-5 life of commuting has never been more fun. Help the commuter get to work on time. Or add more carriages to the engine for longer journeys. Children will love role playing and inventing stories with this city slicker train set.

From 3 Years
Pandas’ Bamboo House
The sustainable panda family knows everything about green energy and can’t wait to tell you all about it. Their house has solar panels and an elevator basket that works with string so you can lift the little pandas up and down. This set is a great way to teach children about environmental responsibility through role play.

From 3 Years
Rock & Slide House- Sound Effects
Each room in the dollhouse offers exciting sound effects, there are a total of 9 different ones. Party hits, animal noises, clock ticking, bathtub and hairdryer noises as well as funny noises like flushing the toilet guarantee entertainment and fun for many hours. It doesn't matter whether the children role-play transforming themselves into a famous actor or a rock star or just like to play with their pets, everything is possible with tis dollhouse!

From 3 Years
Tigers’ Jungle House
A great way to teach little eco warriors about environmental responsibility while developing their creativity and imagination. Hanging out with the tiger family in their house is also great for developing social skills and language ability. With the 18 garbage cards, children can learn about the importance of sorting rubbish and recycling.

From 3 Years
All-in- 1 Kitchen
Children will love this multi-functional, All-in-1-Kitchen and its array of charming appliances and features, including a controllable range hood lamp and authentic microwave “ding”.

From 3 Years
Beauty Belongings
Encourage role play and satisfy a child`s curiousity with this cosmetic kit. Set includes hair, nails and make-up essentials.

From 3 Years
Four-Stage Rocket Ship
Blast off to another world with this four-stage rocket ship complete with planetary lander!

From 3 Years
Master Builder Set
This set of 62 pieces and connectors encourages budding carpenters to build...and build some more. Building guide inside.

From 3 Years
Emergency Services HQ
Keep the roads and railways safe with this emergency services set. Features police and fire brigade headquarters and vehicles.

From 3 Years
Grand City Station
Visit the world’s most exciting destinations with this bustling two-level station! It has a projector that displays images of big global cities when five special tickets are inserted, plus a recorder for station announcements.

From 3 Years
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Viking Castle
Step into the world of Vikings, powerful wizards and dungeons with this awesome multi-level castle. Includes a Viking, a dragon, a green troll, a magic cauldron and much more!

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From 3 Years
Clean Up Broom Set
Learn how to keep things clean and tidy with this cleaning set. With a broom, mop, dustpan, duster, a towel, and even a stand to hang your equipment on. You`ll have everything you need to keep your home looking spotless.

From 3 Years
Clean Up Bucket Set
Learn how to keep things clean and tidy with the Clean Up Bucket set. With a bucket, a functional spray, and a dustpan and brush, you`ll have everything you need to keep your home looking spotless.

From 3 Years
Ding & Pop-up Toaster
Hear a ticking timer and a satisfying "ding" as your toast pops up when it's ready. With a modern look, stylish colours, and exciting accessories, there are endless ways to enjoy your toast.

From 2 Years