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Learn with Lights Piano, Black

From 3 Years


  • This beautiful, electric piano with 25 light-up keys is a fantastic way to introduce children aged three and up to the wonders of the piano and music in general.
  • Use the colour-coded instruction booklet and follow the lights on the keys to learn your favourite melodies, then add backing sounds from six stylized accompaniments.
  • This easy-to-play piano is perfect preparation for advanced musical learning and building confidence in young musicians.

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Product number: E0627


Learn with Lights Piano, Black

Article nr.: E0627
The Learn with Lights Piano is made from a strong wooden shell that absorbs harmonics and provides great acoustics. Follow the 25 light-up keys to learn how to play your favourite tune, then use the record and playback function to hear what you've played. The piano also includes 15 demo tunes, and with the Smart Play function any key you hit will play the correct note so you can pretend to play along. This piano will build confidence, fine motor skills and a love for music for many years to come.


  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL INSTRUMENT: Not only is this high-quality wooden piano good to look at, but it sounds terrific too. It has six instrument sounds (piano, organ, guitar, mandolin, violin, music box) and six stylized accompaniments (rumba, waltz, pop, soft-rock, samba, disco), so not only does your child get an introduction to the piano, they also learn about music, instruments and rhythm in general.
  • LEARN AS YOU PLAY: Each of the 25 keys can light up to show you which key to play when. Use the enclosed instruction booklet or try and follow one of the 15 demo tunes to improve your playing.
  • REALISTIC SOUNDS: The strong wooden housing absorbs harmonics and provides great acoustics, so your child will get a sense of playing real instruments.
  • SMART PLAY: Select the Smart Play function and any key you hit will play the correct note so you can pretend to play along, even if it’s just to build confidence.
  • PERFECT PREPARATION: The piano is great for encouraging creativity and the perfect preparation for advanced musical learning and developing a love for music.
  • POWER SAVING: Plug the piano in using the included cable or use it with batteries. If not used for three minutes after the background music finishes, the piano will enter rest mode. Press any key to re-activate it.

Play tips

To start building up their confidence with the piano, play the keyboard with your child and gently show them how to push the keys as they light up. Once you’re familiar with the tune you can help steer their fingers to the keys when they light up. Gradually let them do more of the playing on their own, until they’re able to follow the entire melody unaided. This will do wonders for their hand-eye coordination, as well as their sense of accomplishment.

Warning notice

ACHTUNG: Erstickungsgefahr durch verschluckbare Kleinteile. Strangulationsgefahr durch langes Kabel. Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 3 Jahren. Verpackungsmaterial ist kein Spielzeug! Bitte entfernen Sie alle Verpackungsteile, bevor Sie das Spielzeug Kindern geben. Bitte bewahren Sie die Gebrauchsanleitung zum späteren Nachschlagen auf. Abweichungen in Farbe und Gestaltung vorbehalten.

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